ID Card Laminators

The only Laminators Specifically designed for Print at Home ID Cards!

Printing ID badges from home offers a great way to save money on your ID badge making needs. After printing an ID badge it is important to laminate them. The lamination process for an ID card will require a laminator that can handle the thickness of the badges. There are 2 types of laminators that are available that can handle the thickness of ID badges with ease. These are the ML450 and the ML450T.

The MiniLam 450T has been designed to laminate ID cards that are up to 10 mil thick. The 450T offers temperature control which allows the user to lower the amount of heat that the laminator uses for a temperature that is suitable to thinner pouches. This makes the MiniLam 450T ideal for any type of laminating purpose including documents and photos.

Both the MiniLam 450 and 450T offer cold lamination settings that can be used for adhesive laminating pouches. In addition the laminators feature the following:

ID Card Laminator


  • Support for ID cards up to 4.5 inches wide
  • Support for cards up to 33 mil thick
  • Can be used with both 7 mil and 10 mil thick butterfly pouches
  • Operates continuously for up to 2 hours
  • Warms up in just 3 minutes
  • Will laminate an ID card in 33 seconds
  • Support for both heat and cold lamination processes
  • Can be used for laminating photos
  • Thermostat shut off for additional safety

The ML450T also provides you with the optional heat temperature control unit that can be used to control the heat for thinner pouches.

Both the ML450 and the ML450 T come with a limited warranty. This will cover the laminator should anything go wrong.


The Standard Edition

Laminator Specifically Designed for ID Cards

Temperature Control


The Premium Edition

Laminator Specifically Designed for ID Cards

Added Temperature Control

Laminate Thinner Cards

Laminate for Longer Periods of Time