Arcadia Synthetic Paper

Introduction to Arcadia Paper

Arcadia paper is a waterproof synthetic paper that can be used for both laser and inkjet printers. It provides a great alternative to Teslin and Artisyn paper for printing high quality IDs and other important documents. Arcadia is a synthetic paper that is waterproof, tear resistant, and essentially weather proof as it will not be damaged in any type of weather that it is in.

Arcadia paper is the perfect choice for making ID cards because it is much cheaper than Artisyn paper and it is a higher quality than Teslin paper, both of which are often used in the ID making process. Arcadia synthetic paper is currently sold in either a full or perforated 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet or in a 4 inch by 6 inch sheet known as a 1-up sheet. Special orders of different sizes and thicknesses can be completed through your order. The paper can be used with either a laser or an inkjet printer, which makes it extremely durable.

Arcadia Paper Applications

There are a number of different applications that Arcadia paper can be used for. This durable synthetic paper can be used to print high quality ID cards, menus, brochures, flyers, and much more. You can easily use or another template available in either Word format or in Adobe Photoshop format in order to create your badge. Once you have created the badge, you can print it out using your home or office printer. If the paper is perforated you can punch out your cards and they are ready to laminate using a butterfly pouch. You can then laminate the cards using a laminator. In just a few short steps you will have created a professional looking ID card on Arcadia paper for a much lower cost.

Arcadia Synthetic Paper

Features of Arcadia Paper

Arcadia Synthetic Paper has many unique qualities that makes it so much different than any other type of Paper!

  • Waterproof

    Once the Ink is set on the paper it will never fade away!

  • Tear-Proof

    Try to rip it, it won't get damaged!

  • Weather-Proof

    It will withstand all weather types!

  • Heat Resistant

    Compared to standard copy paper, it is a lot more resistant to heat

Arcadia Paper is Great for:

Arcadia Synthetic Paper has many great applications!

  • ID Cards

    Laminated Arcadia Paper looks and feels as stiff as PVC ID Cards

  • Menu Paper

    Arcadia Paper looks great and is completely resistant to water

  • Flyer Paper

    The rigid qualities of this paper makes it ideal for long lasting Flyers!

  • Diplomas and Certificates

    Who wouldn’t want a high-quality certificates that last a lifetime?

  • Maps

    In the wilderness, you need a type of paper that is completely resistant every type of conditions!